PROPRICER Submittal Tool

Submit Your Proposal in PROPRICER Format

More and more Federal Government RFPs reference PROPRICER format for submitting cost proposal data.

That's because government agencies are seeing the value of using PROPRICER Government Edition as their cost proposal evaluation solution.

In these cases, submitting your proposal in PROPRICER format creates an efficient and seamless experience for your customer, the government agency.

Proposal teams who use PROPRICER's solutions for government contractors already have the advantage of easily preparing and submitting their proposals in the preferred format of any government agency.

Don't have PROPRICER yet? We've got you covered.

Executive Business Services Inc., makers of PROPRICER, now offers a free Submittal Tool which allows you, the government contractor, to convert your proposal to PROPRICER format and submit it to the government.

EBS also provides technical support as a free service to those companies wishing to use this tool.

Just fill out the form on this page to access the PROPRICER Submittal Tool today.

NOTE: As part of the license agreement, this proposal submittal tool may only be used to respond to RFPs that require cost proposal data to be submitted in PROPRICER format. Any use of this tool for cost proposal submissions other than this purpose is strictly prohibited.

Download the Submittal Tool