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Celebrating Pricing and Procurement

The past couple of years undoubtedly led to many changes for government agencies and companies. No matter the role, the federal government contracting workforce had to pivot and develop approaches to their operations like never before. The workforce changes in 2020 and 2021 forced many employers to quickly shift the way they support their employees in all aspects, all while continuing to juggle the normal day-to-day business operations. 

To reflect the major transformational changes over the past year, and the innovation shown in pricing and procurement, Pricing Magazine decided to honor those who have stood out in exemplary ways throughout the government contracting industry. The Future of Pricing Award is presented to five individuals who are ‘up and coming" in the industry, and five individuals in leadership roles. At both levels, these individuals represent resilience, boldness, and innovation. 

As the workforce continues to adapt to new operations, new technologies, and a new normal; the Pricing Magazine team hopes that the nominees for this year can cultivate inspiration for teams nationwide and inspire innovation. Mostly, the hope is that these individuals are people whom others can connect with to extend conversations of their practices and mindset shifts.  



Kelly Poree

Professor / Former Contracting Officer

Kevin Jans

President, Skyway Acquisition

Peter Guinto

Chief of Contracts, U.S. Air Force

Marsha Lindquist

President / CEO, Granite Leadership Strategies

Polly Hall

Executive Director, Procurement Innovation Lab



Heather Nakagawa

Sr. Pricing Analyst

Kevin Myers Jr.

Price Estimating Analyst

Nancy Iwasaka

Business Systems Analyst

Richard Wahidi

Contracting Officer

Daniel Wesoloski

Contract Price/Cost Analyst

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are people nominated for this award?


Nominee's contributions include one or more: 

  • Leadership in the design, development, or execution of an innovative program or solution that improves and furthers mission performance. 
  • Leadership in meeting the mission-critical needs of their agency’s mission. 
  • The development of a management policy, regulation, data system, or another task that significantly enhances the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of an agency’s acquisition system or the federal acquisition system. 
  • Has or can demonstrate their personal or team's growth over the last 24 months 

For more information, please read our award guidelines.

Up and Comers

Nominee's contributions include one or more:

  • Played a large role in partnering, reducing risk, and collaborating during the pre-award process. 
  • Exceeded expectations and provided significant value to their company or agency in the pricing and procurement arena.  
  • Developed or executed innovations practices to achieve objectives to future their company’s or agencies mission 

If you have any questions, please contact


How often is this award presented?


Currently, we have intentions to present this award once a year in Pricing Magazine. Submissions will be open from the beginning of June until Mid-August.

For more information, please read our award guidelines.